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Urgent & Emergency Care

Urgent Care

  • Urgent Care (UC) operates as the 374th Medical Group’s command and control, and services all Yokota Air Base emergencies 24/7/365.
  • UC has five patient care rooms and is staffed with five  family practice physicians, five nurses (one Emergency Room certified), and 14 medical technicians.
  • During each 12-hour shift there are one doctor, one nurse, and two medical technicians on duty.
  • Please understand that the UC has a limited capacity to treat emergent medical conditions. It is meant to stabilize patients before transferring them to a higher level of care, if needed.
There is no cure for viral illnesses such as colds, flu, and COVID-19.
** Expect longer-than-usual wait times due to the cold/flu/allergy season **
To speed care and preserve medical resources for true medical emergencies (life, limb, eyesight) on base, please consider the following options:
Active Duty Service Members:
  • Supervisors have the authority to give their troops 24 hours quarters without seeing medical treatment
  • It’s okay to send your airmen home if they are sick It's common to be cautious and send to medical to be safe but use your best judgment
  • The big takeaway: Ask them, "Do you think you need to see a doctor?"
    • If no, send them home
    • If yes, send them to the Medical Group
For All Beneficiaries:
  • UC doesn’t provide the following: routine COVID-19 testing, routine medication refills, routine referrals. (These can all be accomplished by talking to a nurse at your Primary Care Manager’s clinic.)   
  • Please utilize the Pharmacy-Run Clinic Evaluation program. Please see Pharmacy Run Clinic Eval Form attachment.
    • You may report directly to the pharmacy without an appointment, speak to a pharmacist, and potentially get paired with medications based on symptoms.
    • Pediatric patients up to age 17 can’t use this program; the parent/guardian will have to still consult a provider.
  • If seeking medical advice, call the Nurse Advice Line at 225-8864, Option 3
  • Consider making an appointment with your Primacy Care Manager by calling 225-8864, Option 1
  • Consider messaging your Primary Care Manager through TRICARE Secure Messaging. Many issues can be addressed virtually and expedited based on acuity. This is the best way to communicate with your healthcare team.
  • Non-DOD/Non-SOFA patients will only receive care for a medical concern that affects life, limb, or eyesight. Please see the Non-DOD Visitor Pamphlet and 374th MDG Host Nation Guide attachments for assistance.

Emergency Care

If you are experiencing a life-threatening medical situation (including mental health emergencies), call 911 if calling from on base, or 119 if calling from off base immediately. Emergency care services treat life-threatening medical issues such as threats to your life, limbs, sight, or safety.

To learn about how TRICARE covers emergency care, visit the TRICARE Emergency Care page.

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Emergencies (Medical issue posing an immediate threat to life, limb, or eyesight):


Dial 911 (DSN/landline) or 042-507-6560 (Cell)


Dial 119 (Urgent Care DOES NOT respond to off-base emergencies)

Military Health System Nurse Advice Line

Visit to find your country-specific number

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